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Jumah Time Changes for Daylight Savings

Assalamu Alaikum, Starting this week, No Jumaah on campus at 12:30. The two Jumaahs on campus are at 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM. Jumaah khateebs for tomorrow: Mosque: 1:30 PM- Nasr Elsaid Campus: 1:30 PM- Yousef Hussain 2:30 PM- Rami Alhellu Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Farewell Party for Previous Executive Council

— When: Saturday, Feb.17 @ 8PM Where: At the Masjid — The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania is pleased to cordially invite our beloved community to farewell party for the previous ISCP board. Everyone please come in! Dinner will be served too. Jazakum Allah Khayran. 🕌 Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

New Executive Council of ISCP

🎊 Many congratulations to the new Executive Council board 2018/2019 of the Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania🎊 🔸President: Maher Felemban 🔹Vice-President: Tamer Sharafeldin 🔸Secretary: Youssef Khazbak 🔹Treasurer: Ahmad Taha 🔸Activity Coordinator: Nasr ElSaid 🌷 On behalf of the Community and the Executive Council, we would like to thank the previous Executive Council for their dedication […]

Holy Quran

وَقَالَ الْمَلِكُ إِنِّي أَرَىٰ سَبْعَ بَقَرَاتٍ سِمَانٍ يَأْكُلُهُنَّ سَبْعٌ عِجَافٌ وَسَبْعَ سُنْبُلَاتٍ خُضْرٍ وَأُخَرَ يَابِسَاتٍ ۖ يَا أَيُّهَا الْمَلَأُ أَفْتُونِي فِي رُؤْيَايَ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ لِلرُّؤْيَا تَعْبُرُونَ
(One day) the king said (to his courtiers): "I saw seven fat cows in a dream being devoured by seven lean ones, and seven ears of corn that were green and seven others that were seared. O courtiers, tell me the significance of my dream, if you know how to interpret them."

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