The women’s committee in affiliation with the Islamic society of central Pennsylvania has made available money boxes (safe) to distribute to children for the purpose of becoming accustomed to charity and the love of giving.
The idea of the money box is:
1. Distribute a safe to each child in the family
2. Each child will collect what he/she could of money
3. After a month or two, a simple gathering will be held for the children to collect and sort out the money to be sent to the Islamic Center as a contribution toward building the new Islamic center.

We understand that the amount will be small, but the goal is to get our children used to giving and instill the idea of involvement, as well as encouraging them to participate in acts of charity. Also, the excitement of their contribution towards building an Islamic center and earning the reward as an ongoing charity ( Sadaqa Jariah).
At first, we have available 20 money boxes and their pictures.

For the sisters who are interested in obtaining a money box for the child(ren) to contact Sister Karimah Mousa at 814-321-4302 and provide her with the following information:

1. Number of children
2. The picture of the money box
3. Your address