The ISCP announces its readiness to collect your donations of the following items:

– Cars
– Bikes
– Furniture
– Electronics( TVs, laptops, computers, etc.)
– Electric household appliances
– Kitchen appliances and items
– Children’s toys
– Baby and children’s items( strollers, car seats, etc.)
– Clothes in a very good condition and clean( no socks or undergarments unless new)
– Books(College books, children’s
books, story books, etc.)
– Bags( handbags, suitcases, etc.)
These items will be collected and sold while it’s revenue will go to the Islamic center.
In order to coordinate to receive the items, you can send a message to the following contacts:
Liqaa Hamza 814-409-8799
Reham Ali 814-441-7461
Karima Moussa 814-321-4302