The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the Quran Memorization competition during the holy month of Ramadan.

Register by filling out the following form:…/1mtfIPsOiZvkz_qhxTaJt_PfS…/prefill

Everybody is welcome to participate. Participants are going to be divided into two categories with different assignments according to their age.
– Kids are assigned surat Al-Nabaa.
– Youths are assigned surat Ar-Rahman and Al-waqiah.

The assignment for each category will be divided into two parts so that each participant will recite two times, the first one in the middle of the month and the other by the end of the month. Judges will be assigned to be responsible for evaluations, and will give an individual feedback for every participant including tips on how to improve.

There will be a prize for each top three winners from each category to be distributed in the Eid prayer.