Zakat Al-Fitr for this year is 10 dollars per person in the family.

If you wish, we can distribute your zakat for you. The zakat must be distributed to the needy BEFORE the Eid prayer begins, so we must have your zakat money at least two days before the Eid prayer and we will only accept it in the form of money. We cannot accept your zakat on the morning of the Eid prayer , because we would have no way to give it to those in need before the prayer.

In order to pay Zakat Al-Fitr in the Masjid, place your check or cash money in the envelope marked “ZAKAT ALFITR ONLY” and drop it in one of the donation boxes. If you could not find a marked envelope, you can put the money in a plain white envelope with “ZAKAT  Al-Fitr” written on it and drop it in the donation box.