The Islamic center and the two Townhouses which belong to ISCP need maintenance immediately. There are a lot of damages and issues in all the three buildings.
Therefore, ISCP is raising funds towards the maintenance of these buildings.

The estimate of the maintenance cost is about 7000$. Please look at the following link for more details about the project:…/uploads/bsk-pdf…/main_project_34.pdf

We have already started the project a week ago and we ask for your help to accomplish that project, so please donate generously.

There are many ways you can donate:
• You can give the money directly to any EC member. Please do not forget to take a receipt.

• Online: PayPal, Venmo, or ISCP website

• You can donate in the Mosque by taking a plain envelope from above one of the donation boxes, mark it as “Maintenance Project” and drop it in the donation box.