Assalamu alaikum,

Allhamdullah Ramadan is fast approaching with its many virtues and blessings! and inshAllah we will have our daily iftar during the month of Ramadan.

If you are interested in providing an Iftar to the community, put your name on the schedule below. The Masjid may provide chicken to be cooked by the family.

If you would like to get the reward but cannot provide food, we can make the arrangements for the food on your behalf. The Iftar for one day costs $600.00. The cost of one day can be shared by more than one person, so you can pay any amount you want.

If you would like to cover an iftar for a day but remain anonymous contact the EC secretary, Youssef Khazbak, or any brother in the EC.

Youssef Khazbak

If you are not able to provide an Iftar, you may help with paying for the following items: Fruits and desserts, Chicken, or Cutlery.
Jazakum Allah Khayran!

Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania