The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania is pleased to announce and invite you to a Dawah workshop given by Sheikh Amr Elsamny, the founder of Mercy For Mankind Global Dawah Organization, on Friday Feb. 15, at 7 PM at the Islamic Center.

Sheikh Amr has studied at the Islamic University of Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud under several prominent scholars such as Salah Assawy, Yusuf Ashubaily, Hussein Shwat and others. He is also a board member of North America Imams Federation (NAIF), member of International Union for Muslim Scholars (largest organization and scholarly body in the world for Muslim scholars), and the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA). He has done several programs and live shows on Huda TV, Iqra’a TV, Al Ameen TV and many joint programs with Sheikh Yusuf Estes on Guide US TV.