All Jummah prayers will be at the Masjid only until the start of next semester.

  1. First Jummah at 12:15 pm in English given by Nasr
  2. Second Jummah at 1:00 pm in Arabic Khutbah giving by Fawaz
  3. Third Jummah at 1:45 pm in English Khutbah giving by Omar

Below please find a reminder of the rules inside the masjid, and please follow them so that we can all stay safe In Sha Allah.

A. physical distance, keep at least a six foot distance between yourself and the person next to you when praying (we have these markers placed already in the prayer area.

B. Everyone must wear masks, no excuses (noses and mouths must be covered)

C. Bring your own Prayer mat

D. Make wudu at home (avoid using the masjid bathroom).

E. please check your temperature and sanitize your hands every time you enter the Masjid.

Please note we do sanitize the Masjid before and in between the three Jummah prayers.