I am 30, sometimes I am overcome by shame because of how the memory lets down without affordable original meds from canadian pharmacy… I do not remember most formulas of physics and chemistry, but studied perfectly; No longer find the apartment of a classmate, and often went to visit, sometimes do not even remember the name of the recently watched film. Familiar situation?

Some grandparents ruthlessly knock out young people: historical events, quotations of classics, knowledge of geography – a strong nail hammered into their memory. What can not be said about many schoolchildren. They do not want to learn, fending off: “Anytime I can watch everything on the Internet – the smartphone is always with me! It also contains important reminders.” They understand that at the right moment the phone can fail, but do not want to do exercises, and without training the memory “sits down”. What a pity! After all, Gabriel Garcia Marquez correctly remarked: “Life is not the days we lived, but those that we remembered.”

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Realizing this, a person is looking for exercises, how to improve the child’s thinking and memory, attention and brain function with the help of otc meds at attractive prices to an adult. As it is said in the Odessa romance, “I have them.”

If you opened the article in order to get a handful of magic “pills” from forgetfulness – please – here are the most effective methods and exercises to improve memory. Keep in mind: from one reading will not be useful, “pills” should be taken inside and regularly! Why? Read the second part of the article.

Ways to improve memory, attention, brain function:

  • Healthy lifestyle: sleep 7-9 hours, walks, airing rooms, food (must be dried fruits, nuts, seeds, natural chocolate and dairy products), alcohol cessation.
  • Daily exercise and, preferably, twice a week to sweat, playing sports games or other mobile training.
  • Let’s eat emotions! Find exercises to “tickle” your joy, delight, surprise, sadness…
  • Protect yourself from chronic stress and depression!
  • During the day, take a break from everything (close your eyes, ears, relax, don’t think), meditate at least twice a week.
  • Adults also need to learn (foreign language, poems, Mendeleev table, traffic rules).
  • Improve your memory and focus with games and memorization exercises (there are apps for smartphones).
  • Expand your horizons – get to know each other more, travel, improve your skills, get out of your comfort zone.
  • Keep a diary, recording unique moments, thoughts, experiences of each day (not a daily routine, but a couple of your own observations)
  • After consulting with a doctor you trust, take medications and bioadditives from online pharmacies to improve memory – nootropics (alternate intake of drugs of different types of action).

This is all to strengthen the foundation of normal adult memory. The emphasis on the word “normal” is because you don’t have to remember everything. If the brain is hungry and overworked, lacks neurotransmitters and habit to remember (and why, if helps “reminder”, the Internet, wife), then where to undertake to improve memory?!